Our short film “Escape Room” took home the Most Fun Award at the 2020 Underground Indie Film Festival!

This Florida festival normally has in-person screenings, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to cancel their physical screenings this year. They didn’t want anyone to get sick or possibly die from attending the festival. We applaud them for being concerned about the health of their audience! But the show must go on, so this year’s Underground Indie Film Festival took place as an online live screening event via Zoom.

Here are some comments about “Escape Room” from the viewers:

Bombshell: great lighting here… its not easy to light the inside of a car naturally (You’re right about that!)
Bombshell: awesome production values on this… very slick (Thanks!)
Christopher Beaubien: So far, so fun. I feel like I’m watching an episode of “Who’s Afraid of the Dark?”
Bombshell: Dr Kaufman… lol
Christopher Beaubien : “There’s a tiny door, Maxine…” (haha Being John Malkovich)
Christopher Beaubien: Oh no! I liked her.

We would like to thank Underground Indie Film Festival for screening our film and for the viewers for watching!