recently published an article announcing the launch of our new talent agency, Queen B’s Agents. In the article, editor Colin Costello explains why the film industry needs an agency like ours. He cites some alarming statistics:

According to a recent study by Celluloid Ceiling, only 23% of all directors, writers, executive producers, producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 films of 2020 were women.

While this represents an increase of two percentage points from 2019, it marks an increase of only 6 percentage points over the last two decades.

Of course we don’t need statistics to know that women are still struggling to make their way in the film industry. Bessy Adut has experienced first-hand the discrimination that women and especially minorities and immigrants encounter on a daily basis. She has also heard from dozens of other women in the industry who have faced similar adversity.

In a field already saturated with talent agencies, it may seem unnecessary to start another one. But Queen B’s Agents is not just any agency. Our mission is to help women achieve their dreams as writers, directors, and producers. There are countless women out there who can make great films and TV series. We’re here to give them a voice.