This is a month when a Queen was born. To be the Queen of Movies. That’s the dream at least.
As a company owner, I am building new connections and improving myself.
I completed my 1st Feature screenplay. Still table reading and working on Daydreamers.
I have a Manager and a Mentor now.
I attended two workshops: one about pitching and one about crowdfunding.
Trying to decide jump straight into directing my debut feature film or make another short.
I guess I’ll end up doing whichever I can afford.
I have two more months left in UCLA program and during this time I plan to complete the first feature film I’ll be directing. UCLA will end in June so I am going to need a full time job to be able to fund (to some amount) my projects and get some extra help. I also need to come up with a good crew. These are my plans for now. I need to find a good producer next.