Last Friday we had the screening of our film. So this was the short version. Now I have a problem. I couldn’t find some of the sound files which still concerns me. Producer Collins White was smart to have a back sound files, he just sent them to me via dropbox. Now we’ll check and see to find out if we have the missing sound files somewhere. If not it means I will have to do ADR for the scenes that doesn’t have sound or sound problems. I should start thinking about the post-production for the director’s cut version.


  1. Find the missing sound files if possible.
  2. Find and make an agreement with a professional, really good editor. I have 16 scenes in total. I think asking 2 scenes a week is decent which makes 8 scenes a month and 16 scenes in 2 months. I think I will start around November so the film should be finished by Nov-Dec, I guess January…Would be a nice new year present.
  3. I need a poster + trailer for the film and so I can go ahead and add it on imdb!
  4. Color Correction (I have a friend in mind for that)
  5. Sound Design & Mix & Music
  6. Credits
  7. Film Festival Kit (Website, Trailer, Poster etc.)
  8. Ready to go for competitions