Our very own Director Bessy Adut tells Victoria G about the films and directors who have inspired her, looks ahead to her upcoming projects, and graciously offers some advice for aspiring directors. Here are some excerpts:

Victoria G: What inspired you to become a director?

Bessy: I was an avid reader when I was a kid and loved imagining those worlds and characters in my head. Then I loved watching television and movies. My dad had a video production company so I had a chance to watch a lot of movies and started making my own little films with his video camera at an age as early as 11 years old if I were lucky I’d end up like Spielberg by now.

Victoria G: Who are some directors that inspire you?

Bessy: Spielberg is one of my 1st favorite directors with E.T and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Upcoming years when I studied film & television, I explored many other directors that I liked their work such as Alfred Hitchock, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Jean Pierre Jeunet and Tim Burton. In terms of women film directors, I would say the 1st Academy Award winner as a director Kaitryn Bigelow is one of the directors that inspire me. All these directors made films worthy of watching over and over again.

Victoria G: What are some qualities you look for in a project?

Bessy: I think it’s very important for a project to have a good story that is timeless and universal. I like projects that makes you feel all sorts of things during the journey. If a movie makes me laugh, cry, excited and all sorts of emotions that makes it a good project for me. I would like to make sure we make in the best possible quality and get great performances. Every element of a project is important as well as production, post production must be crisp, color correction should be well done. Whether we reach that goal or not I would should the quality and content that we could be nominated for an academy award.

Victoria G: What are three qualities every director should have?

Bessy: Visionary, practical, decisive

Victoria G: Do you have any advice for an aspiring director?

Bessy: Start directing small manageable projects, work within your budget focus on telling a good visual story and make your way up

Victoria G: What’s next for you?

Bessy: I am developing a hybrid documentary/fiction about climate change as well as spiritual movements in the world. I just got offered to direct a music video and a sci/fi fantasy film.

Check out the full interview on Wattpad.