Daydreamers – TV Dramedy

In a society where chasing your dreams is frowned upon, 7 characters come together at Color Bar in Hollywood to find their true colors. Drama of being a struggling artist and trying to survive with the expectations of family, friends and loved once mixes with comedy of the conflict between what the characters really want and what they actually have. This show has a wide range of diverse characters and it’s quiet multi cultural.

Astral Projection Girl – Feature Film Screenplay

An unrequited love story. A young girl falls in love with a guy in her college however she is kept as a secret for a long time. She ends up locked up in a mental institution and the only way out for her is astral projection to reach her lover. Later she finds out the betrayal which turns her plans into revenge.


Love Puzzle – Short Film

After being heart broken several times falling in love, a woman comes up with a new game idea. She makes two puzzles takes one piece to herself and she starts searching for her missing puzzle piece dating a lot of people. Not everyone she goes out with gets this game. Only one person is persistent enough to keep dating her until reaching the final piece but what happens then?

Dream World – Sci Fi Feature

People from the future manage to reach our times to warn us about the upcoming future. If we don’t do something about it we don’t have a future. It’s still possible to create a dream world but it just needs a lot of change. Will people do what it takes to create the dream world?


Queen Bee – Comic Book/Movie

A female superhero character is born to be the leader of a revolution with her army of bees.

Robot’s World Tour –¬†Fantasy Feature

In the historical times a smart but poor man pretends to be a robot to impress the elite class and make money, he can travel the world by acting as a robot however he falls in love with a princess that changes everything.

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