To whom it may concern;

It has been my pleasure working with Bessy Adut on our feature film, “Tinker”. She was an asset to the production who worked in a 1st Assistant Director capacity. I had the privilege of working with her first hand and her contributions were greatly appreciated. She was committed to the vision of our production and provided vital feedback helping the scheduling and continuity of principle photography. She is passionate about film production and this passion is conveyed on set. It’s hard to find people you can trust, but Bessy is that person. I vouch for her work ethic, opinionated positions, and attention to detail. She will complement any organization she is a part of. I look forward to her being a part of future productions I have. I wish her all the success and joy she deserves. If any question need to be addressed please feel free to contact me at 225-933-8942.


Tom Bhramayana Producer/Executive Producer


To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Bessy Adut.  I have met and worked with Bessy several times over the past year.  Most recently I hired her on a commercial shoot as a script supervisor.  Bessy is incredibly talented, professional, and knows her way around a film set.  She is a self-starter and consistently went above and beyond what was asked. Her on-set notes were extremely valuable in the post-production process and she worked very well with and around the client, talent, and crew.  Bessy’s skills and experience would make her an vital asset to any organization, company, or on set.


Chris Brank
Owner, Chris Brank Films, LLC


My name is Julie Antepli, and I am a film and television editor with 17 years of industry experience both overseas and in the United States, and an active member of the  Motion Picture Editors Guild. I was the recipient of the “Best Editing” award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2011, and I have taught the “Art and Craft of Film Editing” class at UCLA Extension.

Although I never had the opportunity to work with Bessy Adut, I have followed and admired her work and achievements. Her talent is evident in short films such as Tolerance, Strange Little Girl and Forbidden Door, as well as her TV series Mysteries of Cinema. She has a unique vision, a great understanding of storytelling and character and she is really good with actors. She’s a hard working and ambitious young director who, given the opportunity, has what it takes to succeed.

Aside from her work, her sweet personality and great interpersonal skills make her a great team player.

I highly recommend Ms Bessy Adut. I believe that she will undoubtedly be a great asset to your university.



Julie Antepli


I have known Besi Adut for almost 7 years, I was Besi Adut’s professor in Film Directing, Film Business and Film Producing during her MFA studies on Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts as she was a Fulbright Grantee and a successful student. She also worked as my executive assistant after her graduation and she was a fast learner, go getter and pleasant to work with. She worked as a TA during her studies at CalArts and she has experience in teaching in university which I believe she would be good in teaching. I believe she is a hard worker along with her ambitious and talented nature.

She is highly skilled and creative and she made truly excellent narrative shorts films in order to receive her degree. I remember her thesis film “Strange Little Girl” winning the best narrative short film award in Pasadena Art Center film festival. She also controlled very successfully a cast consisting largely of children—her lead actress turned in a magnificent performance. Besi wrote, directed, produced many short films and supervised the editing, many were screened at international film festivals and in her home country she was a finalist in a filmmaker competition. She has gained a lot of industry experience after her graduation working on film sets, television and commercials. Upon my advice she also pursued her academic career and taught in university to film and media students. Besi is able to bring a New Age sensibility to traditional dramatic structure, which I find a wonderful attribute.

I couldn’t hesitate at all to hire Besi in an academic position and to have her as an instructor would be a valuable asset in any university.


Eric Sherman