Why does your business need to include video as part of its Content, Social, Email and Digital Marketing campaigns? Well, according to the team at Quick Sprout, there are many reasons. Today we are showcasing their Infographic which highlights the 25 reasons your business needs to get on board. Enjoy.
Visual marketing is an integral part of any Digital Marketer’s marketing arsenal. The reason being is because of its effectiveness. Whilst images help dramatically, it’s thought that video can have a significant boost in interaction, action and usability.
If you’re not yet harnessing the power of video marketing – hopefully this Infographic will persuade you.
Some of our favourite stats include:
Videos provide a 74% increase in visitors’ understanding of a product.
45.5% of Internet users view at least one video over the course of a month.
An average user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online video ads every month
80% of users remember the videos they watch online
46% of users take action after viewing a video online
Your website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video
When video is included in email there’s a 2 – 3 times increase in Click through Rates
When video is included in email there’s also a 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates.


Source: Quick Sprout
We hope you found this infographic useful. If you’d like to know more about video for your Content Marketing or Social Media campaigns – get in touch today.The views expressed in this Infographic are those of the original creator so may not represent those of the Koozai team.