Thanks to Jonathan Isaac Anderson for this nice interview, it warmed my heart today.

I love movies.

Like, a lot.

Honestly, if you decide to follow me frequently… don’t be surprised if three-fourths of my blogs end up referencing a movie of some sort.

Greenville isn’t exactly known for having a film community, but recently I had the privilege of sitting down with a director who is locally based. I love to talk film with film lovers, and I don’t often get to sit down with people who are in the film industry, so this was a treat.

                                Bessy Adut

                                Bessy Adut

Bessy Adut, founder and owner of Queen B. Film Hive LLC. She is originally from Istanbul, Turkey.

Assuming you pay attention to the news, you saw that Istanbul’s airport was the latest target of ISIS. As of right now, officials are reporting that at least 41 people have been killed by the blasts.

The news of this broke the day after my interview with Bessy. We became Facebook friends a couple weeks ago so I see her posts. I’ve been following her fairly closely to see if more information has come out since it’s her home town which has been affected by this sickening tragedy.

Considering these events, the topic that Bessy and I ended up on is quite the coincidence.

I believe it’s true that creative minds always have an underlying message in the art/content they release. Whether it’s intentional or not, art has a message behind it. That message comes from a personal conviction.

As she and I were talking I was able to get a glimpse into her mind, and I inquired a bit deeper to find out what drives her.

The reason I picked the name Queen B. Film Hive is because I want to emphasize that I am a female director. There’s still a lot of sexism in this industry; ask any female director in Hollywood. We get paid less and less respect.

She continues…

This isn’t the only issue though. I hate discrimination against races. Discrimination against religions. I hate homophobia, I’m against all of that. I try to give unity messages through my film. There’s a lot of war movies out there. I grew up watching horror and war movies, I love Tarantino films… but I want to bring a new genre into the industry, I’d call them peace movies.”

“People don’t need to build walls, they need to build bridges

Bessy is an entrepreneur with a clear drive and has a passionate purpose at the forefront of her work.

She provides experience and skill with her work, having worked on several short films, commercials, and other collaborative projects.

You can’t do filmmaking by yourself. I like to think of it like an orchestra. You have to have different sounds. If an orchestra is all the same instrument it would be boring. If everyone has a different voice all in harmony, it’s a beautiful thing.

She plans to return to LA in the future to further pursue her dreams. However, she hopes to keep Queen B. Film Hive here in Greenville, and hopes to turn it into a franchise.

I highly recommend you reach out to Bessy if you have a film project need. Whether that be a commercial, creative story, or a business promo. She’s especially interested in creating full-length movies, so be sure to approach her if you have an idea.

Go ahead and check out her portfolio over atQueen B. Film Hive.

My prayers are with her home country, Turkey. As the country of Turkey, the city of Istanbul, and especially the victim’s families mourn the loss of their loved ones, I think the rest of the world should be mourning the loss of fellow humans as well, especially Greenville.

End hate. Spread love. Make a difference.