Looking Back

I remember directing films while I was back in Istanbul. These photos were taken as I was directing “Tolerans” First good news was to earn a grant from Turkish Ministry of History and Culture. Then we got a great team together and started shooting.



As I was working as an Assistant Director in a production company, one of the actress who came to audition grabbed my attention. Her name was Kivilcim she is an actress and singer. I was thinking of her as I was writing my screenplay, I even named my character after her. As I was also acting, my agency sent me to an audition and I had the screenplay with me. Total coincidence I saw her there and mentioned about my short film project. She was interested and next thing she was starring as the lead in my short film. For the lead actor I had someone like Hurley in the TV show host, someone mentioned Metin who was in Survivor. I found him, he accepted the role and I had my perfect casting!


We had a crew mixed with professional filmmakers I get to know while I was working and networking in the industry. I had a lot of good friends who came to help. I was also lucky to have a lot of talented film students who were willing to help in our crew. Looking back at the pictures I remember how happy I was with the whole cast and crew. Video village is my happy place.


Tolerance was screened at Brooklyn Art Film Festival which I had a chance to attend to my own screening in New York. I was also one of the guest speakers in the Q & A. My film was screened in many other film festivals, lately in Front Porch Arts Collective event heard many good feedback about it.

Now What?

I can’t wait to get a great cast and amazing crew together to make a new short film, better than all my previous films as the stake always goes higher and go to more festivals win bigger awards!