First things first: our short film “Escape Room” will be screened at NukhuFest 2018 and is in consideration for many other horror film festivals right now! Nukhu works like this: filmmakers upload their movies to the Nukhu website, fans vote on their favorites, and attendees watch the top 10 nominees to decide on Best Movie. The winner receives a gift from the festival sponsors in addition to the Best Movie award.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful folks at We Are Moving Stories about our short film “Escape Room.” It was a great opportunity to talk about the key themes of the film, the behind-the-scenes work, and our goals for the film. Having “Escape Room” on We Are Moving Stories will enable us to reach a larger audience and gain more support as diverse and women filmmakers. I also had a chance to mention some other screenplays I would like to direct. We are grateful to We Are Moving Stories for the publicity!

You can read the full interview here.

We Are Moving Stories is the world’s largest online community for new voices in film. They have introduced 2000 films to new audiences. They broadcast, embrace and support new voices in drama, documentary, animation, web series, women’s films, LGBTQIA+, POC, First Nations, scifi, horror, environmental and world cinema. They also connect films to causes, audiences, producers, distributors, sales agents, buyers, film festival directors and media. Over 50% of their contributors are women!