Thanks to AT&T SHAPE Create-a-thon we were able to film part of Escape Room at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA. Yes, Warner Brothers! When we arrived on set that morning, I wanted someone to pinch me, because it was a dream come true! Everyone in the film industry wants to make it to Hollywood one day, but when you’re actually there, you can’t quite believe it at first. Burbank is home not only to Warner Bros., but to Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. You can feel in the atmosphere that this is a place where some of the greatest films and shows in American entertainment history were developed. I can only hope that “Escape Room” will be the start of a distinguished career of filmmaking for me and my fellow crew members and our young actors. We are all so grateful to AT&T for giving us this opportunity and to you, our supporters, for donating your time and money to help produce the film.

While at Warner Bros., we also filmed a sequel to Escape Room which will serve as a bridge between the short film and the upcoming feature film. The sequel is entitled “Mask of Revenge” and will be followed by the feature, “Shadows in the Room.” It will be a horror trilogy!

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