Our short film “Escape Room” was recently featured on the entertainment news website Film Daily. After giving a synopsis of the film and its themes, author Frankie Stein includes an interview with our director Bessy Adut.

“We all have inner monsters to chase and traumas to deal with,” Bessy explains. “The reason I chose horror as a directorial feature debut genre is because I grew up watching and loving horror films. I came a long way to make one. Flew to Los Angeles, learned film directing from the professionals, then developed my screenwriting skills.”

It wasn’t an easy journey, but creative endeavors rarely are.

“From screenwriting to fundraising, production to post production, it’s been an overwhelming and exhausting experience for me as a director with limited resources,” Bessy says. “However, I believe I finally made a film that surpasses all my previous short films and will earn the recognition it deserves.”

And “Escape Room” has already received quite a lot of press. The film won Best Screenplay and Best Editing in the Feel The Reel Film Festival, and Best Mystery Short and Best Director (Female) in the IndieX Film Festival. “Escape Room” has also been nominated for Best Film, Best Music Score, and Best Acting at other film festivals.

Read the full article on Film Daily here.