A few weeks ago I received an invitation from Emmys that got me so very excited. I posted on my Facebook to get feedback whether or not I should go for it. Most of my friends were quite supportive which made me happy. So I decided to go.

RSVP’d for the tickets, reserved the hotel & flight. I flew on the 3rd of June to Boston. First day I was a little tired so didn’t do much just wondered around the city. Beautiful architecture and a city with history and culture.

Next evening I went to the Emmys Awards Ceremony and was happy to sit at a table with producers, executive producers of a show who won 3 Emmy Awards that night. I had a feel of the ceremony. I wish I could see more females and diversity winning awards. It was a nice experience and I hope to be there again someday winning an award myself.

My last day I walked and did the Freedom Trail, it was a wonderful experience. I’ve only been there for 3 days but I can say I love Boston and enjoyed Emmys. I am honored to be invited.

And the winners are: http://newenglandemmy.org/files/2016/05/The-39th-Winner-List.pdf