Colin Costello of recently sat down with Director Bessy Adut to discuss her upcoming projects as well as how she approaches filmmaking. Here are some excerpts:

Colin: Who is Bessy Adut as a storyteller? What kind of stories intrigue you?

Bessy: Good question. I wouldn’t identify myself as one type of storyteller, but I see myself as a versatile one. So far in my filmmaking career, I’ve experimented with several genres including drama, comedy, romance, horror and psychological thriller.

One common theme I notice in all my films is the concept of misunderstanding. However, while I am still drawn to genre stories, I am after a story that is looking at everything from a bigger picture.

Lately, I’ve been wondering what’s wrong with the world and how can we possibly make it a better place?…

Colin: How do you approach a story, especially when it’s your story?

Bessy: I always ask what is it I am trying to tell at the core…

In my current project, Searching for God, I am looking at the psychology of humanity overall. What is it about religions and politics that separate us from one another?

How can we find a common ground and work together to make the world a better place? I think this is only going to happen when a majority of people realize that earth is our home and we are all one big family regardless of our differences.

I feel like we are at all hands on deck kind of situation. We have to save the world from psychotic leaders and there is nothing so deep in their psychology. All they see is hunger for power, greed and selfishness.

Colin: Have you searched for God? What have you found?

Bessy: Yes, I’ve been searching for God as long as I’ve known myself. I believe we each carry a connection with God(dess) that can be found in nature and within ourselves. I think through love we connect to each other and all other beings…

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