Welcome to the Queen B. Film Hive,

Queen B. Film Hive embodies the spirit of female leadership, teamwork, and great film projects. This company is made to be like a hive, very productive, filled with creative and hard-working individuals producing all sorts of film projects that leave a sweet taste in your mouth!

Who is Queen B.?

Bessy Adut has been working as a screenwriter, film director, actress and producer. She has a BA degree in Film and Television from Istanbul Bilgi University and moved to the United States to get her MFA degree in Film Directing at CalArts. After finishing two film schools, writing and directing several short films, she has continued to work in the film and television industry in both her native country, Turkey, and the United States. Bessy firmly believes film is one of the best global media because of her international, culturally rich background.

Bessy has always been fond of the arts and watching movies. She decided she wanted to be a successful filmmaker and is running full speed towards her dreams. Her goal is to direct commercials, music videos, movies and television shows with originality and cultural richness as well as awareness to important human issues. She has been working in the film industry for the last 10 years as an Assistant Director, Production Manager/Coordinator, Script Supervisor and Production Assistant on commercials, web series, television formats and indie movies to gain more hands on experience and enrich her network. Bessy is currently teaching media arts at the Art Institutes.

Now it is time for her to make her stamp on the film industry and she has now opened up her own production company! Now gaining the title of “entrepreneur”, Bessy is proud to present: Queen B. Film Hive.

Come have a taste from Queen B. Film Hive! Check out our work and contact Bessy to create your next work of art.